The Vote Composition of Political Origins in IRI Presidential Elections

Sadeq Peivasteh


Al-Farabi and civil society Comparison of the idea of The Virtuous City and democracy, based on the development of civil forces

Sadeq Peivasteh


The effect of regional and macro-environmental factors on the quality of teaching in universities

Mahin Khaje, Amin GhorbaniKhosroshahi, Amir Salimi, Mohammadreza Asadi


Investigation of the financial performance of municipal in attracting investors (municipalities of Isfahan)

Ezatolla Naseri


Effect of ownership structure on volatility of Stock prices,on the companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

Maria Mehrpour, Zakiyeh Shooshtarian


Investigating the Impact of E-HRM on effectiveness of HRM in Ferro Guilan Complex Company

Reza Heidari, Nowrouz IyzadpanAh


Role and Significance of Knowledge Management in University Libraries

Ebrahim Khashi Jalam Zehi, Zahra Khajeh Ali Jahantighi


Prospective Organization (Case Study: Shahid Rajaee Port Complex – Bandar Abbas)

Hamid Khanipour, Adel Mohazabi


The impact of teaching the emotional intelligence on the individual-social compatibility of male and female students of university

Manizheh Ehyakonandeh, Mahboobeh Foulad Chang


Investigation of Ethical Issues in Management from the Perspective of Microeconomics

Hamid Khanipour, Adel Mohazabi


The study of learning system in Islamic Azad University branch Kaleibarfrom managers and science association members’ views

Fatemeh Ghamkhari, Ali Sadegh Pourazari, Hamideh Badamchi, Hamid Moharami


Providing a Model for Supply Chain with an emphasis on the Diversity and Life cycle of a Product

Somayeh Jamshidi, Ali Sadegh Pourazari


Predicting depression based on emotion regulation and self-esteem

Afshar Hazhbar, Zeynab Fatahy, Toohid Hajir


The Relationship between the Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Critical thinking, and Creative Thought

Mohammad zare, Raheleh sarikhani


Evaluating the Cost stock Phenomenon during Different Stages of Life Cycle

Mahboubeh Fotouhi Khanekahdani, Zakiyeh Shoushtarian


Audition view variation and Public section responsibility accounting system responding augmentation

Mohammad Mehrjoo, Alireza Mozjat, Hossein maza heryasad


The mediating role of job satisfaction in the relationship between intellectual capital and organizational innovation

Parisa Aghania


Identification ofKey Factors Affecting on Success of Business Export in the Fruit Sector (Case Study: Moghan’s Agro Industry)

Babak Ziyae, Ali Akbar Farhangi, Bahman Khodapanah


Management A comparative study of leadership styles

Gholam Reza Taleghani, Mohsen Emamvirdi, Javad Mohsenzadeh, Haniyeh Mohsenzadeh


Investigation of the effect of outsourcing strategies on the Post Department of West Azerbaijan Province

Mohsen emamvirdi, Hanieh Mohsenzadeh, Nasrin Sheikh Baglou


Investigating the Real Earnings Management from the Auditors ‘Perspective

Mahdi KohSoltani, Ahmad Ghasemzadeh


Religionand the outcomes of Revolution Comparison of US Rvelution’sand Iranian Revolution’sImplications Arising from the Differences inthe Political Culture of Opposition

Sadeq Peivasteh


Portfolio optimization using two methods of mean-variance analysis and mean risk in Tehran Stock Exchange

Zahra Yousefi Golafshani, Sajjad Emamipoor


Review of the Effect of Personality on Organizational Silence and its Consequences

Saeed Malekpoor, Seyed Heydar Mir Fakhr-eddini


Impact of employees character strengths of wisdom on creativity

Hojjat azizloo, Elham sadat mirhosseini mohammadi


Proposing a method for gap analyzing and improving intellectual capital to achieve competitive advantage

Shiva MehrabiKandsar, Abbas Afrazeh, Mohsen Akbarpurshirazi


The Evaluation of the Relationship between Information Technology Strategic Orientation and the Performance of the Petrochemical Industry Subsidiaries

Ali MehdiZadeh Ashrafi,Maryam Homayoon


An Investigation of faculty members’ views of Gachsaran’s Islamic Azad University in conjunction with the providing SDI (Selective dissemination of information services) to provide new propositions and approaches

Maryam Morvaridi, Parastoo Parsaii Mohammadi


The Study of Effect of Financial Characteristics on Difference between Declared and Definite Tax of Firms Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

Mohammad Naseri, Heidar Mohammad Zadeh Salteh


Studying the effect of non-financial characteristics on the difference between declared and peremptory taxes of listed companies in Iran`s exchange

Mohammad Naseri, Heidar Mohammad Zadeh Saleteh


Ranking the Effective Factors on Attracting the Direct Foreign Investment in Hormozgan Province Using Ahp- Fuzzy Vikor Technique

M.B. Fakhrzad, A. Akhavan, N. Mahmoudi


Application of Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) in productivity of costs of Quality

Amir Soleiman Nezhad, Akbar Zavari Rezaei


The Estimated Cost of a Health Center in Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences in 2014

Kobra YariTamugheh, Seifollah Moradi, Ayoub Mahmoudi, Khaled Mohammadi, Fardin Gharibi


Total Cost of Educating the Nursing and Midwifery Students Using Activity-Based Costing Method in Medical Science University of Kurdistan

KobraYari Tamogheh, Seifollah Moradi, Ayoub Mahmoudi, Khaled Mohammadi, Fardin Gharibi


The relationship between the intellectual capital and theshare price in companies listed on the Stock Exchange

Shahla Sohrabi, Amir Moḥammad Alizadeh


The effect of environmental variables on the Green purchasing behavior of Iranian youth  (Comparison of two groups of girls and boys)

Mohammad Hossein Poor Askari, Marjan Parvaresh Mohseni, Eslam Shahriary


Evaluating the Importance of Human ResourcesInvestment inthe Productivity of Employeesin Companies

Marsa Azar, Keyvan kaveh


Relationship between servant leadership and social capital in the Mellat bank branches of Kurdistan province, Iran

Farshad Nouri, Reza Shahhoseini


Restating Financial Statements and Company’s Growth Rate

Ehsan Mohebi, Hossein Ahmadi


Studying the relationship between diversification of production strategies of auto-part manufacturer companies and financial performance in the automotive industry in Iran (Case Study: EttehadMotor Co)

Amir Zibaei Jannati, Younes Vakil Alroaya


An Integrated Model for Governance, Risk Management and Compliance in E_Business

Mohamad Reza Sanaei, Farzad Movahedi Sobhani, Ali Rajabzadeh Qatari


Study the Implementation of the Reform Program and the Challenges Facing Health in the Hospitals Affiliated to Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences

Seyed Mahyadin Sajadi, Khaled Mohammadi, Saiefollah Moradi, Human Ghasri, Ayoub Mahamudi


Review of the Effect of Enterprise systems on Agility in the Organization

Mohammad Mahmoudi Meymand, Davoud Vahdat, Samaneh AliAkbar Nazari


Validating the Educational Materials and Content of Pre-school Education in District 8 of Tehran Education Organization

Neda Fadaei, Akram Hojjati, Razieh Shabani, Seyyed Mohammad ZaherEbrahimi


Factors Affecting Pricing the Products in Companies Case Study: Ilam Industrial Town

Seyed Mojtaba Mousavi, Zahra Omidi, Mohammad Mirzaee


Investigation of factors affecting on the liquidity risk in banks (Case Study: Agricultural Bank of Ilam)

Sheikh Rouhollah Bagheri, Taiebeh Akbari, Mohsen Baghlani, Seyyed Mojtaba Mousavi


Self-esteem effect on auditor behavior evaluation

Fereshteh Qhaytasi, Mohsen Baqhlani, Seyed Mojtaba Mosavi, Zahra Omidi


Surveying the relationship between ICT and managers and staff competence development of Water and Electricity Company at Khorramabad city

Zeinab Basious, Fatemeh Rahimpour, Karamreza JafariMajd, EsmaelZarei Zavaraki


The Role of using information technology and communication on Education staff organization learning in Khoramabad city

Karamreza Jafarimajd, Fatemeh Rahimpour, Zeinab Basiyous, Amin Rahimikiya


Analyzing the relationship between total quality management with labor productivity in organization (Case of Elite Decorator company)

Rahil Ehsani, Farajallah Vali pour, KoroshEmami Saleh


Prioritizing customers in service organizations by using AIM model

Rahim Ehsani, Farajollah Valipour, Aminullah Teimouri


An investigation of Kaleibar Azad University’s Organizational Climatefrom the perspectives of administrators andfaculty members’

AliSadegh Pourazari, Fatemeh Ghamkhari, Hamideh Badamchi, Hamid Moharrami


Qualitative Methods

Shookufeh Nekoueizadeh, Fatemeh Mir


Rules-based Accounting standards and Principles-based Accounting standards

Fatemeh Mir, Shekoufeh Nekoueizadeh


Examining the Relationship between Social Trust with Attitudes towards New Population Policies (Case Study: Citizens in Yazd)

Seyed Alireza Afshani, Nasrin Bahmani, Vahid Asghari Yengjeh


Creativity Management In Organizations

Mohammad Reza Salimi, Roohangiz Sharafi


An Empirical Study On The Relationship Between Intellectual Capital And Financial Performance Of Tehran Stock Exchange Listed Companies

Edris Karimi, Anvar Khosravi, Hersh Soltanpanah,Amjad Fatehikarjo, Ashkan Rotvandi


Influence of Security Information Management in Cyber Environment on Electronic Banking Efficiency

Mehrnaz Paknezhad


The comparison of the naturalist philosophers’ cultural thoughts with the Muslim theoreticians’

Javad Shirkarami, Taher Amani, Sakineh Azizi


Occupational Stress, Occupational Safe Environment Stress Removing Strategies and Prevention Procedures

Seyed Ali Akabr HoseinyAlemi, Qholam Reza Sanagu Moharar


The Relationship between Parenting styles with behavioral disorders in children 9 to 13 years

Mohammad Shamsian, Ehsan Farhadi Shurbalaghi, Hossein Razavi, Somayeh Nozari, Maryam Chaghmaghi Yazdi


Typology of Islamic Groups at Middle East

Mohammad Sarayani


Designing Situational Leadership Styles Compliance Model in High Performing Organizations (HPOs)based on SCORES Approach

Elhaam Rabbani, Iraj Soltani, Golam Ali Raissi Ardali


The Effect of a Mobile Relaxation Application on the Reduction of Vocational Strain

Sanaz Alavian Ghavanini, Elaheh Homayounvala, Ali Rezaeian


The Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Job Involvement of Teachers in Isfahan City

Razieh Amini Shalmazari


Conservatism and evaluation of auditor tenure and audit quality

Zare’I Ali


Evaluating the Role of Digital Media in the Quality of Training-Learning Process of Students

Mojtaba Mohammadi Jalali, Ali Masoumi, Milad Nodeh Farahani, Vahid Badkoobeh Hezaveh


Study of Knowledge-based Intellectual Capitals Management in the Banking Industry and Presentation of the Conceptual Model

Farrokh Abbasalivand Vahdati


A comparative study of the information content of profit and cash flow extreme Tehran Stock Exchange

F. Moshfeghi, Mehdi Rezaei, Abdolreza Mohseni


Determining the relationship between ethical climate and tending to desertion in the small and medium industries of the Sanandaj city

Seyed Bayazid Hosseini, Mostafa Baghbanian, Reza Shafaie


The feasibility of the implementation of Activity- based costing based on the Balanced Scorecard in Tabriz Space Propellants Research Institute

Jalil Ghayebi, Ahmad Ghasemzadeh Khosroshahi


The evaluation of the implementation of lean manufacturing system in of Pars Khodro Company using SAE J4000 standard

Javid izadmehr, Farzad Rahmani


The prediction of resiliency among students in the teaching   university on the base of stress coping styles

Maryam Abdolahi Moghaddam, Sirous Moradizadeh


The effect of customer relationship management andrelationship quality on the value of customer’s life cycle

Mohammad Hadi Ghani Yeganeh, Ali Sohrabian


Study of the Impact of Teaching Cognitive Strategies on Academic Achievement of Psychology Course

Mohammad Zare, Raheleh Sarikhani


Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) model from Islam Perspective

Hadi Hosseini, Jamshid Salehi Sadaghiani, Maryam Ghandour, Abolfazl tajzadehnamin


The Relationship between Learning and Extraneous Cognitive Load in Multimedia Instruction Method in the Chemistry Course

Raheleh Sarikhani, Mohammad Zare


Application of the Qualitative Method of research in Accounting

Shookufeh Nekoeezadeh, Fatemeh Mir


Investigation of the impact of investor sentiment on investment decisions in companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

Allahyar Daghbandan, Ali Akbar Najafi, Alireza Taskhiri


Accounting standard-setting Approaches

Fatemeh Mir, Shookufeh Nekoeezadeh


The Effect of Diversification on the Financial Performance of the Companies of Tehran capital market

Maryam Sadat Tabatabaeian


Investigate the Relationship between Knowledge Management and Emotional Intelligence with Organizational Agility among Tehran Shahed University employees

Akram Hojati, Batool Hojati


Theoretical Fundamentals of the Bashfulness (Ḥayᾱ) of intelligence and Foolishness leaning on prophetic traditions and psychology

Bihrūz Bih-ᾱbᾱdῑ, Ḥamῑdih Yaʻqūbzᾱdih, Muḥammad Hussayn Ghulᾱmῑ Nūqᾱb


The relationship between attachment styles and marital adjustment in teacher couples incity of Khorramabad

Mahvash Kokolvand, Nahid Zeini Hasanvand


Investigation of the effectiveness of in-service courses from the perspective of Elementary School Teachers

Mohammad hosain Gholami Noghab, Abbas Saeedi Graghany, Davoud Aftabsavar, Masoumeh Hajizadeh Noghab


The Effect of Gender on the Drawings of Under-School-Age Children

Behnam Zangi, Shabnam Panahi


Comparing The Theory Of Mind In Children With Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity And Normal Children

Davood Aftabsavar, Abbas saeedi Graghany, Mohammad Hossein Gholami Noghab, Seyed Mahmoud Hosseini


Implementing the Time-driven activity-based costing System (TDABC) in a food production company and comparing it with the traditional system (Case study: Asal Express Co.)

Azhdari Masoumeh, Lalisarabi Amir


Implementing the Time-driven activity-based costing System (TDABC) in a food production company and comparing it with the traditional system (Case study: Asal Express Co.)

Azhdari Masoumeh, Lalisarabi Amir


Investigating the Influence of Electronic Supply Chain on Customer Satisfaction with Automobile Industry in Lean Production Cycle (Case Study: Iran Khodro Industrial Group, Mehrkam-Pars Company)

Mohammad Hossein Hajesmaeilian, Younos Vakiloroaya


Study the relation between Religious education and the Addiction to the on-line social networks among the high school students

Mohammadi Rashideh


Means and actual examples of recognizing the truth and falsehood in Nahj-ulBalāghah

Sepideh Teymourpour, Shᾱh-rizᾱ Biygῑ


The Quranic Education

Sepideh Teymour Pour


Teaching Philosophyto Children: Objectives, Implementing Approaches, and Challenges

Sepideh Teymour pour, Elahe Bagheri


Arms Trade Treaty and its impact on national security of Islamic Republic of Iran

Hadi HassanPour Qaratape, Mehdi HassanPour Qaratape, Ali ghadimmollalo


Sustainable financing of municipalities based on the pathology Case study: municipality of the district 1 , Qom

Sayed Yousef Akbari Nacab, Maryam Bayat, Abdul Majid Rajabi


The effect of marketing strategies on organizational innovation

Shima Alizadeh, Hassan Alvedari


The Effect of Marketing Capabilities on the Performance of Listed Companies on Tehran Stock Exchange

Seyyed Mir bakhsh Kamrani Moosavi, Kazem Varasteh, Hashem Varasteh


The Relationship between Ways of Coping with Health Anxiety of Divorced Women in Andimeshk

Atefeh Saki, Nahid Zeini Hasanvand


Assessment of the Quality of Services Provided by Iran Insurance Company

Ezatollah Naseri


Scrutinization and Prioritization of the factors influencing the psychological contract of staff

(A case study: Social Security Organization of the city Tehran)

Salemi Shakouri Ehsan, Nouri Davood


Styding the Relationship between Social Networkingwith the First Grade Intermediate Students’ Educational AchivementinMale Gifted Program Schools, Zanjan, Region 1

Marzieh Sinafar, Elham Faridi, Mohammad Reza Karamipour


Sociological Analysis of the Factors Affecting Religiosity

(A Case Study on PNU students in Dehloran Payam Nour University)

Ehsan Heidari, Mojtaba Fathizadeh, Farank RavanMehr, Bahram Sarvestan


Sociological study of the causes and factors impacting migration in Izeh city

Ehsan Heidar, Ebrahim Ansari, Masoud Kavousi, Faranak Ravanmehr


Methods of attracting students of first grade high school to vocational-technical schools (VTS)from the perspective of principalsof vocational-technical schools of Zanjan

Sylvia Elham Diyanati, Manizheh Zakariayi, Mehdi Ghadimi


Risk assessment by ETBA method in one of the MDF building factories in the city of Kermanshah-Iran

Azar Mehrabi Matin, ali omidiandost, Younes Shorabi ,Mohsen Poursadeghiyan,Hamed Yarmohammadi