Online-Issues2 Assessment on the Effect of coupling Beam Locations on the Behavior of Coupled Shear Walls

Saman Amiri, Khosrow Bargi, Masoud Gholizadeh, Hoosein Noei


Continuity of Iranian architecture in The Sassanid era bridge construction (Case study ShadirwanShushtar)

F. Maffei ,A. Bavrsayy ,D. Mohammadi ,M.Taherabadi


Evaluation and Analysis of Physical – Spatial Expansion Pattern of Urban Regions (The Case Sample: Tehran)

Dr. Keramatollah Ziari,Seid Ahmad Hosseini,Mohammad Hossein Sattari


Site Selection and prioritize urban parks and green spaces (case study: District 22of Tehran Municipality)

Yousef Ali Ziyari , Mohammad Hossein Sattari, MA in Environmental Planning


The consensus place in viewpoint of Islamic religions

Amin jalilian , Mojtaba Sobati Tabar


Short report of the Nesarnewfound cave

F. Maffei A. Bavrsayy Dabir Mohammadi


In Vitro plant Regeneration From Callus Of Adult Zygotic Embryo In Olive (Olea europaea L.)

Firoozeh Chamandoosti


Problems in Using Communicative Language Teaching in Iran and Possible solutions For the degree of M.A. in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Narjes Ashari , Nasser   Zarrin


Continuity of Iranian architecture in TheSassanid era bridge construction(Case study Shadirwan Shushtar)

F. MaffeiA. Bavrsayy D. Mohammadi M.Taherabadi


The identification of key performance indicators with BSC approach

shima gharakhani , Alirezaairajpour


Analysis the relation of spiritual life and guidelines of self regulating learning with treatment procrastination and deciding procrastination of students

Kobra Maleki, Parvin mirzaie,Zahra bonabi Mobaraki


Identifying and rating factors affecting exports of medicines using multi-criteria decision making models (AHP)

Salehiyanfard.Roghayeh, Ghorbani Farab .Mohammad Taghi, Shaaban Zadeh .Mohammad


Rights of Parents in Parent-Child Relationship from Islamic Perspective

Yaghoub Motallebi Gholozani


Rights of Children in Child-Parent Relationship from Islamic Perspective

Yaghoub Motallebi Gholozani


Social Justice and Urban Sustainable Indexes (Case Study: City of Firozabad)

Jamal, Mohamadi, Ali. Bagheri Kashkouli


Study of the effects of flood and drought on Tooran protected area with emphasis on tourism sustainable development (challenges and solutions)

Abbas Arghan and Nima Hajati Ziabari


Impact of Knowledge Management on Media according to Porter’s Competitive Theory

Payam Zinalabedini


Effect of drought stress on yield and yield components of pea hybrids

Arash Rezaei, Mohammad Yazdanpanah, Zahra Khosrotaj, Zahra Bahreman , Samar Poureidi, Reza Rashnavadi, Behnaz Khosravi


Optimization of fuzzy nonlinear programming with Gaussian membership parameters via Genetic Algorithm

A.A. Noura, S.A. Khaleghi, A.R.ئخ Hajihosseini


Terpenoids and Phenolic Compounds Production of Mint Genotypes in Response to Mycorrhizal Bio-Elicitors

Samaneh Bagheri, Mohammad Ali Ebrahimi, Saeid Davazdah­emami,Javad Minooyi Moghadam


A combination of factor analysis and combined approach techniques (AHP-TOPSIS) for ranking criteria and evaluating the factors affecting brand

Amir Nayeb, Sina jabari, Mehdi Yousefi nejad Attari


Survey impact bank reputation in customer citizenship behavior, Case Study of Customer Agri Bank of Kerman (Iran): appraisal andTesting of model by Amos Graphics

Abbas Abbasi, Zivarmoghbeli, Abolghasem Ebrahimi


Some properties of BCI_Algebra Some positive element in quasi BCI_Algebra and properties of ideals in of BCI_Algebra

Mohsen Amiri Bideshki, Ali motemedi Zadeh, Roohallah Daneshpayeh


Optimal Control of DC motor using Grey Wolf Optimizer Algorithm

Ali Madadi and Mahmood Mohseni Motlagh


The effect of intellectual capital on employees’ job satisfaction and organizational performance

Ali Bakhti Arani, Morteza Ghasemi, Ali Noori


Comparison of characteristics of teachers in primary schools, with idealism teachers features

Mehran esmaeilian, Teimoor rahmani, Hojatallah moradi pordanjani


A survey of the basic goals of social studies sixth grade of elementary teachers’ views sixth city seal in the academic year 2013-14

Seyed Ahmad Hashemi, Fatemeh Noshadi


Asymmetric Effects of Oil Price Shocks on Gross Domestic Product in Iran using the Markov Switching Model

Morteza Salehi Sarbijan


The Relationship between Family Values, Cultural-Religious Values, Physical and Mental Health and the Use of Internet and Video Games in Adolescents

Bahman Ebrahimian, Iraj Shakeri Nia, Enayat Reazaeipour


Causal relationship between Electricity consumption (EC) and GDP in Iran

Morteza Salehi Sarbijan


SPE-HPLC-UV forsimultaneous determination of vitamins B group concentrations in Suaeda vermiculata

Nages Chamkouri


Analyzing Philosophers’ Revelation on Immateriality of Soul

Mohammad Mahdi Kiyani


The assessment of Financial stability in Islamic and commercial Bank (A case study: The banks of Islamic Republic of Iran)

Abbas zafarmohammadpour sarabi,Mir Naser Mir Bagheri Hir, Siamak Shokouhi Fard


Analyzing Philosophers’ Revelation on Immateriality of Soul

Mohammad Mahdi Kiyani


The study of the relation between dust concentra-tion and the increased hospital admissions of pa-tients with respiratory and heart problems in Kermanshah

Yahya Zaebi, Mohsen Mohammad, Ali Reza Ejraei


Relationship between social capital and the effectiveness of managers, staff from the perspective of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences

Afshin esfandnia, rRooh allah bayat, Mohsen mohammadi, Rooh allah cheraghi


Optimal Placement of Fuel Cell Based-Distributed Generation for Iranian Gas Refinery Power Distribution System Using Firefly algorithm

Hossein Mousavi, Mohsen Assili, Amin Hajizadeh


Breast Cancer Segmentation in Digital Mammograms Based on Harmony Search Optimization

Fatemeh Maleki, Mahdi Nooshyar, Gholamreza Zare Fatin


Texture Classification Using Optimized Neural Networks Based on Firefly Algorithm

Maryam honarmand, Navid Razmjooy, Bibi Somayeh Moosavi


Evaluation Rateuse of contraceptive methods in Kermanshah province in the years 2009-2010

Afshin esfandniaو Fardin esfandniaو Mohsen mohammadiو Rooh allah bayatو Afsoon Aazami5 Sara sohailbaigi