The relationship between Political News with Price and Return Volatility in Tehran Stock Exchange

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Effect of Different Austempering Temperatures on Wear Properties of Ductile Iron

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Modeling of fuzzy control mechanism of Intersection by using Colored Petri Net in the VANET In order to reduce urban traffic congestion

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The Risks to the Environment of Applying GMOs in Agriculture

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Impact of Biofuel Crop Cultivation on Food Security and Food Prices

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The effect of adjusting the managers’ rewards with firm benefits on firms’ stock return
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Determination and prioritization of factors affecting the consent that may be won by a customer in Iranian oil industry

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Factors Influencing on Job Satisfaction of Agriculture Extension Experts in Mazandaran Province, Iran

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Comparison of Quantitative and Qualitative properties of Tecomella undulata (Roxb) in two sites Shahnia and Moghdan in Bushehr proviance

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A study of the morphological variety of honey bees in Kordestan

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Morphological characteristics of Apis mellifera Meda (Hym.: Apidae) in Kerman (south of Iran)

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An Examination on the Human Resources’ Basic Requirements for Implementation of an E-Government

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Introduction of Bass model, stochastic Bass model and Generalized Bass model with different applications

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Comparison of maize growers’ characteristics with different ecological behavior: The case of Iran

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Using of Artificial Intelligence and Image Texture to Estimate Desiccation Rate of Quince Fruit

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