Examining and Analyzing the Pattern of Population and Labour Force Distribution in watershed of shahrud District

Mohammad Ali Dadashi*, Fatemeh Shoaeshargh, Mohammad-aliSharifi


Population Distribution in Shafaroud Catchment Area

Mohammad Ali Dadashi, Maryam Talebi, shahriar sobh zahedi, Marzieh Mokhtari shahmarvandi


Analyzing the Relationship between personality type (extrovert-introvert) and organizational citizenship behavior in Shoa e Shargh concrete company

Fatemeh Shoaeshargh, Mohammad Ali Dadashi


Studying the Effect of office Automation on improving the decision making of Tajrish Shohada Hospital managers

Fatemeh Shoaeshargh, Mohammad Ali Dadashi


Assess the impact of using new technologies on managers,s decision making on construction projects(excavation)

mohammad hasan gholizadeh, Mohammad rahim ramezanian, vadood aliyari


Studying the position of organizational intelligence and its solution of promotion in Iran National Bank
seyyed mohammad noe pasand asil*, esmaeel malek akhlagh, Abdolhoseyn Ebrahimi Khabir


Studying the relationship between job involvement and organizational commitment with organizational citizenship behavior in management of the Hajj pilgrimage in East Azerbaijan Province

seyyed mohammad noe pasand asil*, mohammad doostar, Kamel Karimi


Investigation of Effective Factors on employee’s intention to stay in organization

Seyyed Mohammad noe pasand asil*, Esmaeel malek akhlagh, Sahar maafi


Assessing the impact of using new technologies on managers’ decision making in transport units of mineral projects

Mohammad rahim ramezanian*, Mohammad hasan gholizadeh, Majid soltani


Identifying and prioritizing the effective factors in organizing housing market of Rasht metropolis by using hierarchy analytic process

Esmail malak akhlagh*, Seyed mohammad no pasand Asil, Naser akhavan tavakoli


The Relation between Financial Facilities and Payables Turnover Period with Emphasize on Financial Leverage Index

Zahra Pourzamani*, Amin pouladin


Investigation of antioxidant features of Thompson orange peels as a natural antioxidant

SimaYassari and Esmaeil Yasari*


Effect of Mycorrhiza and Azospirillum on some germination characteristics of wheat cultivars

Majid Jiriaie*, Esfandiar Fateh, Amir Aynehband


Study Costume Modifications Pictured in “Rustam Rescues Bijan from the Pit” in both Timurid and Safavid Painting Styles

Roya Karbakhsh*, Hussein Mehrpouya


Assessment of heavy metals contamination (Arsenic, Cadmium and Lead) of agricultural surface soil around Zahab Zone (Kermanshah)

Farid Parsa, Nasrin Choobkar*, Soroor Sadeghi, Amirmohammad Emamirad


The effect of various treatments on breaking dormancy and stimulating germination of four pharmaceutical plants of Iran

Aliakbar Torabi, Mohammadreza Naderidarbaghshahi*, Abdollah Ghasemipirbalouti


Effective Factors on the Personnel’s Performance Evaluation System and Presenting Desirable Approaches in Sepah Bank of Iran

Gh. Eskandari*, E. Sinof


Investigation of Relationship between Balance sheet Financing and Market value to Book value ratio: Evidence from Iran

Vahid Haghighi kakhaei jaleh*, Ahmad Alizadeh, Mohammad sadegh Dehghani rokh


Application of Metaheuristic techniques to generation expansion planning problem (1)

Hamdi Abdi*, Mostafa Ramzanpour, Behnam Abednejad, Sasan Moghadam, Yaser Habibi


Application of metaheuristic techniques to generation expansion planning problem (2)

Hamdi Abdi*, Yaser Habibi, Sasan Moghadam, Behnam Abednejad, Mostafa Ramzanpour


Investigation and Comparison Among Improvements in Biasing Technologies of CMOS Opamps

Mohammad Taghi Salarian, Abdolreza Esmaeli*, Yaser Noori Shirazi


Scheduling Distributed Flexible Manufacturing Systems Using Multi-Objective Gravity Search Algorithm

Hossein Shirgahi* and Ali Ahmadi Katouli


Evolutionary PSO and HBMO Algorithms Application in Distributed Generation Allocation in Radial Distribution Network

M.A. Taghikhani*, J. Alizadeh


The Strategy and Government Foreign Diplomatic

Akram Hasanvand*, Hassan Malmir


A comparative study of English and Persian proverbs on bases of cognitive

Nesa Nabifar


Growth analysis of eight common bean cultivars affected by weed interference

Rouhollah Amini*, Hossein Pezhgan, Adel Dabbagh Mohammadinasab and Mohammad Reza Shakiba


Credit policies and housing prices: Case study of selected provinces in Iran

Yazdan naghdi*, Afsoon Amiri


A fuzzy Analytical Network Process for SWOT analysis (Case Study: Drug Distribution Company)

Alireza ArshadiKhamseh*, Mohammad Fazayeli


Effect of salinity on the growth characteristics
Of canola (Brassica napus L.)

Monireh Hajiaghaei Kamrani*, Hadi hosseinniya, Azam Rahimi chegeni


Medical plant of Ferula assa-foetida and its cultivating, main characteristics and economical importance in South khorasan province – east of Iran

Farhood Golmohammadi