A Comparative Study OF NIHSS between Ischemic Stroke Patients with and without Risk Factors

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Changes of weight, BMI and waist circumference following fish oil supplementation in patients with persistant and permanent atrial fibrillations

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Effects of land use and land slope on modulus of Soil erosion in Pasture lands

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How to Prepare a Feasible Economical Plan for the Regional Development

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Providing a Model Based on the Relationship between EQ and Sale Performance
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A New Method for Rapid Maximum Power Point Tracking of PMSG Wind Generator using PSO_ Fuzzy Logic

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A new Stochastic Model for Perishable Product pricing

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Effects of osmopriming on lentil seed germination components in arid areas

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Application of Homotopy Perturbation Method To Telegraph Equation

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Investigation and evaluation of Spiritual Intelligence: A Demographic Approach

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Robust Fuzzy Stabilizer Design for Power System

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Calculating mean temperature in 3 dimensional room whit floor heating system, by using of neural network

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Estimation of economic values for some traits in dairy herds of Iran using computer simulation

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Simulation methods for evaluating seismic collapse of structures

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The effect of group schema therapy in decrease marital conflict and
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Psychological profiles of elementary teachers in exceptional schools, in comparison with those of elementary teachers in ordinary schools

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Evaluation of Salvia officinalis antifungal properties on the growth and morphogenesis of Alternaria alternata under in-vitro conditions

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The Impact of Non-executive Board and Composition of Corporate Owners on Intellectual Capital of Companies

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Evaluation of Spatial and Temporal Variation of Heavy Metals in Soil, Water and Rice Grain (Case Study: Khoramabad Plain, Iran)

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Investigation of birds density and species diversity in Dez river margin

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Diesel cycle performance modeling for three
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Thermodynamic model to calculate the performance parameters for 4.248G diesel engines at the maximum load

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Finance practices of the member companies of the stock of short-term and long-term periods

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Modified Sawdust for the Removal of an Azo Dye from Water: Removal optimization with Box–Behnken design

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Evaluation of ten Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) ecotypes for salinity stress tolerance

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Fixed Point and Hyers-Ulam-Rassias Stability of a Quadratic Functional Equation in Fuzzy Banach Spaces

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The explanation relationship between teaching style and philosophic mindedness university faculty of Islamic Azad University of Khoy

Bagher Sardary