Necessity of Extradition of Offenders in Today World

Fatemeh Nouri


Effect study of distance between planting rows and harvest time on Henna yield quantity

Mohammad Asadi, Bahareh Damankeshan and Bahman Panahi*


Effect of salinity stress on the germination of safflower seeds (Carthamuse tinctorius L. cv. Poymar)

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Anthocyanin content in different parts of capparis spinosa growing wild in Tafresh/Iran

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The use of organic material for coating of calotropis procera L. seeds

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Germi County Seasonal Precipitation Routing and Analysis, Using Holt-Winters Method for Time Series with Non-Seasonal Changes
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Routing and Seasonal Precipitations Analysis in Germi County, Using Regression Model for Time Series with Seasonal Changes

Maryam Jahani ini sofla*, Bromand Salahi and Mohammad Taghi Masomi


Investigating and dimensional analysis of psychological empowerment of the Agricultural Advisory Services Companies’ Members in Mazandaran Province-Iran

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Identify the effective traits on the performance of maize hybrids in Moghan

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Effect of zeolite application on soil purification and some chemical properties of soil (case study)

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Effect of magnetic field on germination of Rudbeckia hirta seeds In Vitro

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Review of income smoothing models and evaluating of income smoothing behavior with emphasis on accounting variables

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Determination comparative advantage of main agricultural products in Fars and Mazandaran provinces during 2006 to 2010

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A note on a property of the Cantor set and algebraic remark

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Optimal Design of robust Power System Stabilizers Using Hybrid Big Bang-Big Crunch Algorithm

Hassan Shokouhandeh*, Alireza Rezazade and Mostafa Sedighizadeh